About Us


Our Mission

BoyHeroHEROS is designed to provide an enriching, safe and active after school experience for children in grades K through 6, while providing support and peace of mind to their parents and guardians. Our staff is dedicated to helping create real life “heros” by providing a well supervised, caring and instructional environment while instilling healthy values and good moral judgment. By offering homework help and a plethora of activities, we hope to encourage educational and recreational well-roundedness in our young “HEROS”.


Quality Care & Professional Staff

HEROS staff members are highly qualified and genuinely care about the safety and well-being of your child. As a registered program through the NY State Office of Children and Family Services, all staff is required to be fingerprinted, background checked and have any criminal history reviewed.

The program director attends a minimal of 30 hours of professional training every two years. All staff members participate in trainings as well, with their credit hour requirement respective to the number of hours they work. At all times, at least one staff member on duty has a current CPR and First Aid certification. In keeping with the mission to provide a well-supervised and safe recreational environment, at minimum, a 1:10 teacher to student ratio is always maintained.

Karen Valentine


Karen is the owner and creator of the After School HEROS program.

Prior to its start-up in 2012, Karen was providing child care out of her home in addition to working as a personal trainer. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and has 20 plus years’ experience providing personal fitness and nutrition instruction. She has managed multiple gyms and taught group exercise classes, including youth tennis lessons. Karen has two children of her own, and continues to work as a personal trainer today.
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Linda Nass


“Miss Linda” has been on the HEROS staff since its start in 2012. Prior to that, she worked in the Student Health Services office at Syracuse University.

She has raised two children of her own, taught both Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, volunteered at a local preschool program and done weekend babysitting for children of various ages. Miss Linda’s own children went through the F-P schools, and she now enjoys spending time with her grandkids as well as the HEROS gang that is coming up through the Elementary School now.
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