After School HEROS is a registered child care program through the NY State Office of Children and Family Services, and is housed right in the Fabius-Pompey Elementary School. All F-P students in grades K through 6th, aged five to twelve, are eligible to attend. The program runs from school dismissal until 5:30pm each day that school is in session. The HEROS staff team is dedicated to providing a safe, fun-filled environment that encourages children’s social, educational and physical well-being. Homework help, a healthy snack and physical activity are provided daily. Have peace of mind knowing that your child is in the hands of caring professionals and having fun when they’re at HEROS.


Choose a Membership That Fits Your Needs


$16 /DAY
Every Monday through Friday, when school is in session.


$16 /DAY
1 to 4 days per week. Lock into specific days of your choice.


$16.50 /DAY
Upon confirmation of availability, your child may attend on random days as needed.


  • Prior to use of the program, children must be fully enrolled. This involves completing the Registration Packet and having staff approve their enrollment.
  • There is a non-refundable annual enrollment fee to reserve your child’s space in the After School HEROS program. The fee is $20 for the first child and $5 for each additional child in the family.
  • The daily rate is doubled on days that school is scheduled to dismiss at 11:15.

To Enroll
Contact Karen Valentine via email, phone (315-727-3285) or by using our contact form.
Or, you can print and mail your completed Registration Packet (pdf) to Muddy Sneakers, Inc., 1743 Berry Road, Lafayette, NY 13084.


A Typical HEROS Day

Pinecone ImageAt school dismissal, HEROS participants report directly to the Elementary School cafeteria where staff awaits them. Attendance is taken right away, and the children are given some “choice time” where they can choose to play tabletop games, build using blocks or construction sets, engage in creative and imaginative play, draw/color or simply socialize with friends. Once staff has had a chance to individually touch base with each of the children and rest room use has been offered, a daily art or craft activity is usually offered to those who wish to participate.

Occasionally your child may need to stay after school for another activity; a cluster, band practice or extra help from a classroom teacher. When they are dismissed from these scheduled activities at 3:15 pm, HEROS staff takes attendance again to be sure all participants are accounted for.

FruitFaceEach day, around 3:30, the children wash their hands and sit as a group for snack time. A healthy snack is provided for them. They are given a few food choices which rotate and are varied. Snacks packed from home may also be eaten at this time. During snack time, a staff member often teaches a mini health or science lesson, does a short reading or provides some interesting educational tidbits which lead to a group discussion and “share time”.

Kickball Once re-energized by their snack, it’s time for the kids to participate in some physical activity. The NY State Child Care Regulations require all children to participate in some form of physical activity daily, so staff does their best to offer and teach a variety of fun recreational games and strongly encourage all to participate. Typically the HEROS group will head out to the school playground or go to the gym for games and exercise. (Whenever the group leaves the cafeteria, a sign is posted by the entrance telling parents where “the HEROS” have relocated to.) When the weather or the sports teams’ schedules limit use of the gym and playground, space is cleared in the cafeteria for gross motor games and fun.

After some running around, the group heads back to the cafeteria and settles into homework time (Monday through Thursday), usually about 4:30/4:45 pm. Staff members focus their attention on helping children with their homework during this time. Children who have finished their homework, or do not have any, are encouraged to play quietly, read, color, draw or paper craft while others finish their work.

Parents arrive by 5:30 to sign out their child(ren). Kids gather up their daily crafts, tidy up their workstations and pack up their belongings, to wrap up a fun filled afternoon!

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